Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Items on Etsy - Home Decor Arrangements

I've been frantically trying to get various projects done. My blog posts will be few and somewhat far between due to the number of orders I have to get out the door, but when something new pops up I will definitely share it with you.

I was looking at my Etsy site and although bridal bouquets are nice to showcase, I decided that most of those who find me on Etsy see the workmanship and then decide to ask me to do custom work. So since I didn't have time to make new flowers, I decided to take the flowers I have and create home decor pieces. So the green cymbidium orchid, ivory rose and tuberose bridal bouquet I made has morphed itself into two new listings on Etsy. I will also be morphing my Victorian bouquet into a floral arrangement for the home as well in the next few days.
It seems a shame to dismantle my bouquets and create home decor pieces, but I would rather them be enjoyed by people and many of my clients are not brides so they might enjoy these flowers as well in their homes or to give as special gifts for loved ones.

Tomorrow I have to tackle 94 peonies for favor boxes so I have to get back to work on those ASAP as I have 110 flowers to make for another favor box order, several bridal bouquet orders, and a fundraiser event I'm doing. I'll be burning the midnight oil for the next few weeks and then some! As a side note, I'm 1 sale away from hitting 300 sales on Etsy since February 2008! Such a wonderful achievement, especially since it seems like it was yesterday that I hit 200 sales!

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