Friday, May 8, 2009

DK Designs Clay Cake Flowers and Favor Boxes Featured on the Storque on Etsy!

Today was an awesome day! I got featured twice on Etsy's The Storque! I was featured in the vintage article for my peony cake flowers and the other article was Etsy Finds for Say I Do to Handmade which featured my cherry blossom favor boxes at the bottom of the article! It's always fabulous when other artisans in your field see the talent in what you do. Especially when it comes from out of the blue. Makes me eager to start working on getting more items posted on my Etsy site! Just so bogged down with bridal orders now that it's hard to do both. Hopefully I find more time here and there to make extra flowers to come up with some new items to sell. Thank you for all the wonderful coverage today Etsy!

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Blossoms said...

Yay for DECO Clay Craft Academy! :). Two of us featured on the same day :). Always a pleasure to see your work featured.