Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simple Flowers = A Simply Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

My client Stephanie is getting married on April 11th and I just finished her bridal bouquet. I know I have been kind of slow to post this week, but it's catch up mode for me. I hope to have photos of 70 corsages for you to see tomorrow. LOL.
Originally when Stephanie emailed me, she saw my work via Etsy and asked if I could create bridal bouquets for her entire bridal party. But she decided after much thought and discussion with her fiance, that maybe they wouldn't mean as much to her bridal attendants so we just decided to go with her bouquet and boutonniere for her groom. Her flowers were whitish ivory roses, simple white daisies with the yellow centers, stephanotis flowers with pearl centers. The bouquet was finished off with white satin ribbon with a blue organza ribbon to accent. It's absolutely BREATHTAKING!!! I feel like I just picked them out of a field of flowers. Something so simple as daisies and roses can look so beautiful! I just love how this one turned out.

I will have photos of her groom's boutonniere tomorrow. More blog posts to come soon, promise!!! You would think after buying all my lighting & studio equipment that I would actually use it, but I was anxious to get these photos to my client. ;)

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Anonymous said...

So lovely! This bouquet is really stunning.