Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bridal Bouquet Order of ivories, blues and purples - Part III

Last night I worked on the remaining flowers for Paulette's bouquet (3 peonies, 10 viburnum clusters, 30 hyacinth and 12 stephanotis). This morning I finished her bouquet. I still have left to accent paint the hydrangeas and hyacinth since Paulette wanted the hydrangeas to have that whitish green hue to the petals. I just love this bouquet, very romantic and elegant.
Here are some photos of her bouquet. I'm so glad to have this one done and will be moving on to my next bouquet, corsage/boutonniere and centerpiece order. Lots to do... so I better get back to it!

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Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!! The viewer can almost smell those spring-time blossoms! Great job, Diane! Think Spring - Bring Spring - Clay Flowers Rock!