Friday, January 9, 2009

A Wonderful Gift I Received Today

One of my Etsy clients, who bought one of my first arrangements even before my Martha Stewart Show appearance, has been buying my arrangements ever since I opened my shop on Etsy. Back story on this is that no one had bought anything in the first month that I had my Etsy shop and when Martha's producers called I sent them that arrangement not thinking that anyone would buy the arrangement. Turns out that Ronda bought the arrangement I shipped to Martha's producers and I had to ask her to wait until it was returned and then I had to redo some of the flowers as some got damaged in the shipping process.
It amazed me that she would continue buying especially since there's the DECO Clay Craft Academy studio in Hawaii where she lives. I have lost count how many arrangements she has purchased. Recently she had asked me to make a custom piece for a beautiful wrought iron candelabra that she bought from a craftsman in Hawaii so she could use it as a centerpiece at her company Christmas party. She was so thrilled with it, she wants me to create 2 more for the same candelabra so she can have different arrangements throughout the year.

Well, she sent me a "convo" on Etsy to tell me there was something she was sending me. I got it in the mail today and I was so touched. She had sent me a letter explaining what it was. They are wine charms. The idea came when she was figuring out what to make her co-workers for the Christmas party and she adapted the idea to create a personalized set of wine charms with a picture of my son (she downloaded from my blog) with the word "cherish" and the meaning of the word over the picture of my son. On the other side is his name.

I sincerely appreciate Ronda's business and continued support of the art I produce. Especially since she can take classes and purchase items from other DECO instructors on the island instead of buying them through me and pay shipping. Nonetheless, I am ever so grateful for clients such as Ronda. The gifts are not necessary since they are buying my items for themselves or as gifts, but it's so sweet and touching to me when then send me something totally unexpected and it's handmade. I told her she should start selling them on Etsy!

Thank you Ronda for the wonderful and thoughtful gift and more importantly for continuing to be a loyal customer. I can't wait to show my husband. :)

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