Friday, January 9, 2009

Program Fans - Tiffany Blue, Coral Orange and Plumerias

As a follow-on to the previous blog post, this is the program fans I created for Jessica and Alton. They are getting married on the beautiful island of Mau'i and because it will be warm, the straw fan with the program attached to it makes a nice accent to the wedding ceremony decor. Even during a sunset wedding it can be REALLY hot in Mau'i, so the fan is a nice way to keep your guests cool in the hot sun. The wedding I did last month in Mau'i, we had fans as well and they were perfect for not only keeping the guests cool, but also to shade their eyes from the sun that was directly in their faces. :)
Anyway, we also revised Jessica's thank you cards so they are on the Tiffany blue cardstock and just a simple "Thank You" instead of their names.

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