Monday, January 26, 2009

Starfish Themed Wedding Invitations - Light Blues, Metallic Cream and Browns

You must wonder how I have time to blog and work at the same time. Don't ask... LOL.. Sorry for the multiple daily blog posts, but I figure once I get a project done, I send images to my clients so I might as well blog about it and share it with potential clients. You never know what might inspire a bride-to-be!
This client was originally going to get married at the SeaWatch Restaurant in Mau'i but due to some extenuating circumstances, they decided to have a wedding closer to home. Although they aren't having a destination wedding in Mau'i, they are having a "beach" wedding in Half Moon Bay which is also very beautiful!
At any rate, Lisa and Sean wanted to keep with the ocean theme and they had liked another invitation sample I had done for Kerri (which ultimately Kerri didn't go with), so I reworked the sample using Lisa and Sean's color scheme of a slate blue, cream and some brown tones via the font color and also the basho weave paper. I like the color combination a lot. It definitely exudes the ocean theme not to mention the starfish image in the background. This is not the final version, but only a sample that i just emailed to Lisa so we'll see what happens when we work through the changes. It is however a nice first sample. :)

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