Monday, January 26, 2009

Green Cymbidium Orchid Cake Flowers

I've been busy with lots of little orders such as these, but sometimes small orders are nice too because they are quicker to get done. My clay cake flower alternative seems to be taking hold. My single light pink peony cake flower sold over the weekend and now my set of 3 ivory peony cake flowers also sold today! I'm so excited.
At any rate, Megan found me via my Etsy site through Miss Pineapple's commentary on my work while she was getting married. Her cake artist actually contacted me before Megan did and asked if I would create some cake flowers for them. So they ordered the 3 ivory peony cake flowers like the ones I sold on Etsy today and the bride liked them so much she decided to place her order for the cake flowers.
This is how the cymbidium orchids turned out. She's wanting it for the top layer, but I think it also looks nice to have them graduated down the cake in various spots. She ordered 7 just in case so she may opt to do something like this as shown in my pictures. :) Either way, I think she'll be very pleased with the flowers. If you remember the ranunculus hair flower I posted about yesterday, Megan also ordered that for her hair to wear on her wedding day.
Okay, back to work on flower orders and invitation samples!

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