Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carrying Your Color Palette & Theme from Your Invitations to Your Wedding Day Details

Many of my clients come to me solely for invitations. However, when it gets closer to their wedding day, they often realize that they need place cards, table cards and various signs for their ceremony and reception. I always tell my brides that it definitely adds a nice touch if you carry your theme and color palette from beginning to end because it tells a "story" in a sense. Granted, I've had brides who want to change the colors/theme, but it's important which ever theme, design or color palette you choose, be consistent.

These are some pictures from my client's invitations to her place cards, table cards and guestbook sign-in. Again, she gave no indication on whether she wanted any additional items, but she came back to me and asked if initially I could do place cards and then I asked her about whether she has table cards already taken care of and she decided that it made sense to be consistent.

I tell my brides, use wedding websites to guide their guests to a site where they can get more information on the wedding events versus spending a lot of money on 3 inserts on their invitations. Rather use that extra money you save on the invitations towards wedding day details.

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Emmanuel@Wedding Program Ideas said...

These palettes are really gorgeous for wedding programs and invitations! Great colors too. :D