Monday, November 24, 2008

Real Weddings - Mae & Jeremy - Featured on Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Website!

I received a wonderful email today from Mae & Jeremy O'Donnell. They are currently expecting their first baby in January and I'm so excited for them as they begin their journey as a family. Mae informed me today that her wedding was also featured on Destination Weddings & Honeymoons' website!!! If you remember from several months ago, their wedding was featured also on's real weddings as well. This time I was delightfully surprised that they hyperlinked DK Designs so that it goes to my website. I was thrilled!

Anyway, you can visit the write up and photos from their wedding by clicking here. Their wedding was the wedding of the week featured on the site! Thanks so much Mae for the good news! :) It's amazing how popular these colors have become since Mae's wedding. Follows right along with the previous post from yesterday.

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Tinygami said...

Congratulations Diane,

That's really exciting :D