Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Tiffany Blue and Orange...

I think the trend of Tiffany blue and Orange hasn't gone away. It's interesting how the Mae & Jeremy Real Wedding on has really intrigued people to try these colors even though it might not have been the colors they had anticipated using. Everyone also seems to like that orange cymbidium orchid!

This is another possible client who requested a sample. Her invitationis a little more elaborate as she wants 3 inserts. She wanted to incorporate some yellow into the design since the orchid has yellow highlights. So I used yellow for the "&" in each insert/element and alternated the secondary cardstock for each insert.

I have one more sample to work on today and although the client likes the Tiffany Blue color, she's looking more for a delphinium blue. So a slight contrast, but still with the orange tones.
Back to work on that...

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