Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Colors - Part IV

Today was an extremely busy day of a lot of things that I wish didn't happen today. My car broke down after dropping Aidan off at preschool (dead battery). Luckily my husband was still home and could jump it so I could make it back to the house. I was able to work on a few more flowers for my centerpiece order, but my work was cut short because I had to walk to pick up Aidan and walk back. Even though I didn't finish all the items I wanted to get done, I finally finished Kirsten's order!!! :)

Here are some images of the corsages and boutonnieres which completed her order. The corsage wristlets I ordered didn't exactly work. They were too loose and so I emailed Kirsten to see if she wanted the ugly cheap looking elastic wristbands or if she wanted to try doing ribbon corsages (Kirsten - I hope your family doesn't read my blog!) Anyway, we decided to go with ribbon corsages. I think it will look really nice and really bring out the rich chocolate browns. The corsages and boutonnieres are different, some red and some orange, but they all look beautiful and uses the flowers and elements that were in the bouquets.

I'm so glad to finally get another BIG order out the door. My target for the centerpieces to ship is Tuesday so I have a lot to get done....
Best Wishes to you Kirsten and your hubby-to-be!


Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh, you ARE SuperWoman!

I love these creations too! Love it!

DK Designs said...

Thanks Deb... Trying to keep the momentum going... As long as my wrist will allow it. :) LOL!