Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Destination Wedding Bouquet - Orchids, Callas and Tuberose

Another bouquet complete. This particular bouquet is going to be travelling the globe! My client, Melanie lives in Ottawa, Canada and is having a destination wedding in Australia. She wanted a bouquet that was tropical and all white with a hint of Tiffany blue. She sent me some pictures of styles of bouquets she liked as well as how she wanted her stems wrapped. So this is the final piece.

I rarely do an all white bouquet except for obviously the stephanotis flower bouquet, but this one really is beautiful. I made varying shades of white/ivory so that there is some color depth and contrast, but at the same time not too drastically different. It looks like I just went and picked a fresh bouquet of callas, tuberose and phaleanopsis orchids from the garden! There are 11 orchids, 10 callas and 15 tuberose flowers in all.
I had some fun while taking my pictures of this bouquet with the lighting. I think it looks pretty the way the sun is hitting the flowers.
Next up a printed order for a bride getting married in Maui and then back to bouquet orders again....

Congratulations and Best Wishes Melanie and Darren!


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

That bouquet looked so dreamy... how do you normally pack it when it has to travel such long distances?

DK Designs said...

Lots and lots of packing peanuts! I told the bride she should handcarry it on the plane with her to Australia.