Monday, October 20, 2008

Coral Orange + Pink + Green = One Fabulous Bouquet

So I thought I was going to finish this particular bouquet tomorrow, but I couldn't help myself and had to finish it today. Just made the orchids this morning and they were dry enough to paint and assemble in the bouquet. So voila! My client, Trang also found me via my Etsy site (gotta love ETSY)! She's getting married sometime next year in Vietnam so another international destination wedding! She currently lives on the East Coast. She saw one of my Etsy arrangements and fell in love with it so she asked if I could use those elements to create her bouquet.

The bouquet is made up of orange cymbidium orchids, coral/pink roses, tuberose buds and pink hydrangeas (Trang liked another Etsy arrangement I did with pink hydrangeas reverse coral pink roses and tuberose so she wondered if it would work.) with some darker green filler leaves to finish it off. She asked for a orange ribbon to match and I thought the coral orange iridescent ribbon I had was perfect. This bouquet could be considered a fall-like tropical bridal bouquet. I continue to surprise myself every time I create a new bouquet.

Best Wishes to Trang and her fiance!

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Debashri said...

Hey Diane, Nice colors! (As usual) Love the bouquet :)