Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vacation Bliss Coming to an End....
Today is our last full day on the island. It's been fantastic. We haven't done much of anything except lounge around in my brother-in-law's beautifully renovated beach house and hang out at the beach every day. I think I've honestly gotten more sun in the last 5 days than I have the 5 years being in Hawaii.

The weather has been spectacular and although we were here for the Labor Day weekend vacationers, it was quite mellow. Aidan has been having a blast on the beach building sand castles, spending time with family and friends of the family and today we made Irish Soda Bread with my mother-in-law. A family tradition on Michael's side and so hopefully I can pass it down to Aidan one day. He LOVED it! Although I think he liked the butter on top of the freshly baked Irish soda bread more than anything else!

I have to say this vacation is exactly what we all needed. DOWN TIME! I think that's why we love coming here and when we want to get away from the fast pace life we lead (work, work, work). It's sad to say "goodbye", but I got my much needed rest and relaxation before the crazy next 2 months starts when we get back. Here are just a few more pictures of us during our trip.


Tinygami said...

Aw glad to hear and see you've had such a nice time!

The Event Essentials said...

FABULOUS!! Absolutely STUNNING!! :) I adore your design work and creativity.

P.S. you are on my blog today :) Check it out!!