Sunday, September 28, 2008

Miss Pineapple's Wedding Clay Flower Order Begins - Tuberose Flowers

I don't normally show my readers the "in-process" behind the scenes look at my bouquet orders in progress. However, since it's Miss Pineapple, one of the "miss bloggers" on, I thought I would share the flowers as I make them. If you recall, Miss Pineapple contacted me in late April to see if I would be interested in taking on her order and if she would be able to share it with the readers. Miss Pineapple shared with me that she planned not to have any fresh flowers for her wedding! She really is a DIY bride and it's been fun watching her create different elements of her wedding details. You can check out her blog at

Yesterday,I decided to work on the "filler" flowers first. First up was the tuberose flowers. They are a tropical flower that has the most fragrant scent. When you go to Hawaii, you know when you smell tuberose. I LOVE the smell.

Anyway, I thought the tuberose would be something very different seeing as Miss Pineapple is getting married in Pennsylvania and I figured they probably don't get that where they live. She wanted some cream elements in her bouquets so I decided to use tuberose and stephanotis flowers to bring that element into her arrangements.

For the good part of yesterday, I made 40 tuberose flowers. They are small... probably no more than 1 inch in diameter so the petals are pretty small and skinny. The reason it took the good part of the day to make is because the tuberose flower consists of 21 petals per flower. Am I insane you ask??? Probably, but you can see how much time and skill goes into each one of these flowers even as small as these. It just goes to show how much I LOVE what I do.

Anyway, these are some pictures I thought I would share... More to come tomorrow... back to making more flowers... Did I mention this order is 6 bouquets, 9 boutonnieres, 3 corsages and 1 cake topper??? Lots to do so back to work for me!

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Emily said...

and they are STUNNING diane! I cannot wait to see the rest. These flowers are going to steal the show at the wedding. "Bride? What bride? did you see those flowers?!" hehe

thanks for all your hard work!