Saturday, September 27, 2008

DK Designs Clay Flower Bouquets - Orchids, Roses, Fern Curls and Shamrocks!

Another order completed this morning. This one seemed to take the longest due to the items requested in in the order. Amy, the bride, found me via my Etsy site and it just so happened that her fiance, Joe is allergic to flowers. She had almost given up hope carrying flowers down the aisle. Until she found DK Designs! At first her idea was cranberry red colors (roses, dahlias and maybe hints of stephanotis flowers with pearl centers). I sent Amy samples and she said she would think about what she wants and get back to me.

Her bouquets and boutonnieres contain the following elements: white phaleanopsis orchids, green cymbidium orchids with yellow centers, champagne ivory roses, fern curls, white calla lilies, hipericum berries and shamrocks. We did her bridal bouquet, two bridesmaid bouquets and a boutonniere for her fiance and her father.

She ended up sending me a picture of the bouquet she really fell in love with. She also asked for a few special requests. She asked for a 3 leaf clover for her bouquet to be tucked into her bouquet, but not be too noticeable as well as her Dad asked for his boutonniere to have the shamrocks as well. It's an Irish tradition, I believe. This bouquet was a lot of firsts in terms of the elements - the brown fern curls, shamrocks and hipericum berries! I think all in all it came out beautifully. Amy also sent me the ribbon she wanted as well as a monogram charm to attach to her bouquet.

I think this has to be my all time favorites thus far this year. I've always loved the green and white color palette as well as the fern curls. I'm enjoying making new things and hope to continue to add to what I can make out of clay. Thank you to Amy for challenging me to try new things. :)

Best Wishes Amy & Joe!


Anonymous said...

I am in love with your work!!! Genius:)

Anonymous said...

this bouquet is fabulous! I love the use of the fern curls. I an a florist in England and we just can't get them. So frustrating. Are they easy to source there?