Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tussie Mussie Bouquets...
I have always loved the look of a tussie mussie bouquet. The holders offer a Victorian, vintage and touch of elegance to a bouquet of flowers. I have a dear friend who wanted one so she could put fresh flowers in them wherever she was going out to a nice place instead of wearing a corsage or a lei. Everyone commented on how lovely the tussie mussie holder was and what a great idea it was as an accessory.
This particular client of mine really didn't have any idea of what flowers she wanted. Her only recommendation was that she wanted pink and white. So I suggested the tussie mussie idea to her and she was game. She was on a limited budget so we worked within her budget to create something I hope she will like. She's having a small backyard style wedding with her closest friends and family.

I recommended light pink peonies, medium pink roses and stephanotis flowers with pearl centers with some green fillers. This is a sneak peek on how the tussie mussie bouquets came out. Even my husband commented that these are my best bouquets (the ones in the tussie mussie holder).

So if you're thinking of getting married, consider a tussie mussie. Many of them have an engraveable tag so you could put your monogram or maybe a special short message to your bridal attendants.

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