Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Flower Arrangements for Made in Hawaii Festival
My intentions were good when it came to making finished products to sell at the Made in Hawaii Festival but alas, time ran out. I managed to get 6 arrangements done to sell at the event and they are boxed up and ready to ship tomorrow. I guess if I gave them the other 3 that I held onto to sell on my Etsy site, I would have had 9, but I wanted to give my customers who can't make it to the show an opportunity to buy the some of the same pieces. Actually now it's only 2 on my site because one just sold today!
It's always hard because Made in Hawaii always lands on the 3rd week of August and that's my busiest time of the year. Plus next week I have my week long accelerated DECO Clay Craft Academy courses I'm teaching to two students coming all the way from Ontario, Canada and Houston, Texas. Not to mention I have to catch up on some orders and also work on some new samples for potential clients.
I posted some more gardenia hair flowers on my Etsy site because they seem to be selling very well. I posted 10 of each and then I realized I better sit down and make them so by the time someone orders then, they are ready to ship! I've gotten a lot of coverage via ThisNext, StyleHive and a couple of other style & fashion related websites, which I believe has been increasing traffic to my Etsy site.
Anyway, I have a bouquet order to start right now so I better start working on that. Maybe we'll officially celebrate our 3rd year anniversary later this month when we go to the Jersey shore for a family vacation....

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