Friday, August 15, 2008

Check this out - my gardenia hair flower on the Bride's Guide!
Like many wedding professionals and brides alike, I start my morning reading all the bridal blogs out there to see what's new. I have my favorites like everyone else. After being on the Martha Stewart Show, I've made it a point to always look at Darcy Miller's "A Bride's Guide". So, this morning I went on and low and behold, I found my gardenia hair flower on the site. It wasn't Darcy talking about my flowers (unfortunately), but it was the advertisements on the side. Many of the mainstream bloggers have advertising sponsors. One of the sponsors was A member of had recommended my hair flower and since then I guess it's been picked up as a popular item!

Anyway, I was pretty shocked and amazed that it made it into an ad on Darcy Miller's blog page! How cool is that!? That just so happened to make my morning complete to see my hair flower being advertised by on a mainstream bridal blog! Obviously the advertisements rotate, so you probably won't see it, but I'm so happy that I just happened upon it when I did!


Anonymous said...

Diane, That's AWESOME! Always wishing you much success!

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Great job, Diane! =)

DK Designs said...

Myrna and Evonne,

Thank you! It's such a thrill when I see my designs on different sites! It's truly an honor that different websites find my work worthy to put on their websites and advertisements. Gotta love free advertising to boot!