Friday, July 4, 2008

One More Bouquet Order Almost Complete
So I've been playing catch up again on the 4th of all days... I guess when you run your own business, there is technically no day off. Although I did go out to dinner with our friends and play the Wii Tennis game and basically came home with a really sore arm.... I know... PATHETIC! At least though I got some aggression out since it was a really tough parenting week.

I'm almost done with my second Canadian bride's order. She found me after seeing the post by Miss Pineapple on She wanted apricot colored dahlias, but after she saw what samples I created for Miss Pineapple, she couldn't resist the same flowers. Don't worry Miss Pineapple, your flowers will be uniquely your own! :) Anyway, Laura started with just her bouquet, a maid of honor bouquet and a small centerpiece utilizing her flowers from her bouquet. It turned out she wanted the Victorian Elegance II arrangements (2 of them to be exact) and a toss bouquet (hopefully not really to be tossed) so the centerpieces are done and the flowers for the bouquets are drying,but I hope to have those built out by tomorrow.

Here are also some arrangements that I made using flowers that I had initially made for Laura, but wasn't happy with the colors or the way the ranunculus turned out. Midstream in the process of making the ranunculus, I found a new technique that I felt worked better and was able to give me the look I was going for and I wanted Laura to be happy with her flowers. So not that there was anything wrong with these flowers that are now being sold on my Etsy site, which by the way I think look fabulous, the way the ranunculs flowers came out the second time were much more what I wanted. Plus it's another addition to my ongoing "Ranunculus Series" of arrangements I'm selling on the site. I almost didn't want to post it and keep it for myself (the peach ranunculus one)! As in my previous post, I LOVE ranunculus flowers!

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