Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Items on Etsy...
I'm happy to say that I finally made it through 190 cymbidium orchid favors. Phew! Thank goodness my aunt helps me assemble them. I even taught her how to paint them and she did an amazing job (she actually used to paint a log time ago, so I knew she would be good at it).

I've been teaching class all week too so I haven't had much energy to work on new things and I've also been trying to get samples done for potential clients as well. I decided that I wanted to try posting some bouquets on my Etsy site to sell and see how they do. Until now, I've really just focused on centerpieces and hair flowers. So today, I posted 1 stephanotis bouquet with crystal centers instead of the traditional pearl centers. But not to worry, I have one of those in the works as well (see below). Tiffany blue still seems to be a favorite so I decided to cover the stems in Tiffany blue colored satin ribbon with a rhinestone buckle. I think it came out rather nicely. It is definitely a great bouquet for a tropical destination wedding. I love stephanotis flowers because they are so fragrant, simple, clean and elegant.

I also posted more of the gardenia hair flowers that have been very popular. I hope to add more items in the coming weeks before my private/accelerated classes start on 8/11. Plus I have a slew of orders I need to complete over the next several weeks before we go on a much deserved vacation! Can't wait to just relax on the beach!


Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I can't believe all the flowers are made out of clay. They look so real! Amazing, Diane! =)

DK Designs said...

Thank you Evonne! :) It's my first set of bouquets on my Etsy site. Normally I just take custom orders, but you never know when someone wants to just do a destination wedding and isn't doing all the ceremony flowers and wants a ready-made bouquet.

I've noticed more and more brides are making their decisions for ceremony flowers a lot closer to their weddings. It still surprises me when they ask for a custom order to be finished in less than a month. Are you noticing any of those trends?