Thursday, July 24, 2008

Because Love Should Be Celebrated...

One of my clients fell in love with this saying and wanted to somehow incorporate it into her wedding invitations. Alyssa and Daniel came to me by way of Real Weddings Feature where my items were part of the photo gallery. Alyssa fell in love with my work and asked if I would do her wedding invitations and other printed items. I was reluctant at first just because my plate is pretty full, but after talking to her, I agreed to do the wedding.

We finally met today for the first time as her mom is here helping her with wedding planning items (turns out Alyssa lives 6 minutes away!). It was such a pleasure to meet them and they were so sweet and so friendly. Open to ideas, but at the same time they know what they want. So I had hoped to come up with more samples for them, but with my schedule this week and trying to make sure I got my orders completed on time, I had to work on Alyssa's samples between 1:30 and 4:00. I got a lot done, but was hoping to provide her with all of what she wanted to see.

Anyway, during a previous phone conversation with her and her mom, Linda, we talked about other ideas. She wanted the colors to be navy blue, light blue and just a hint of orange. We discussed the pineapple, palm fronds, cymbidiums, plumerias and even phaleonopsis orchids. I think personally I'm a little tired of doing cymbidiums even though I LOVE them! I think the 190 cymbidium orchid favors did me in. LOL!

For some reason during the design phase today, I was really drawn to the subtle nature of the palm fronds. The fully justified block font with the "Because Love Should Be Celebrate" was something she saw in a bridal book and fell in love with it. So I found a copy of "Style Your Wedding" by Susie Coelho and figured out what she wanted. Initially I had put it in a script font. This saying now becomes the theme or motif and it's actually quite nice! The navy blue when it sparkles in the light reminds me of how water glistens as the sun hits it. Very appropriate since they are getting married overlooking Molokini Lookout on Maui! Who wouldn't want to go to this wedding just to celebrate the love of to people becoming husband and wife. What better way to celebrate than a wedding in paradise!

The other wonderful thing is that Alyssa, Linda and I hit it off, which is a good thing because Cheryl of Orchid Isle Weddings asked if I would help coordinate her wedding for the rehearsal and the day of! I'm really excited. They are a fun bunch and I hope to meet Daniel soon too. It's going to be a beautiful wedding I can already tell. They're talking about a malasada station as the midnight snack! YUMMY! :) An island favorite - hot off the oil vat, rolled in sugar... zero calories (ok.. that is if you dance it off)! Even my husband was saying how really nice Alyssa and Linda were.

Anyway, these are some shots of the comps I did for Alyssa and they instantly fell in love with these. They are pictures of her invitation, table card and OOT tag and itinerary. She wanted to keep with the theme of their save the dates, but I think they're finding that they want to maybe just start a whole new theme which will carry through from the invitations to the wedding day! This'll be the first time that I get to help coordinate a wedding where I did a lot of the wedding details myself so what a treat it will be!

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