Monday, July 21, 2008

A Great Wedding Planning Resource for Brides
Stacie Tamaki of The Flirty Guide recently did a blog post about her upcoming interview on I had never heard of it until I read Stacie's blog. They have a great section called "Meet the Bloggers" where show host Ralph Mucci interviews all the top wedding bloggers in the news - What Junebug Loves, Bridal Bar, Style Me Pretty and now The Flirty Guide! They even asked Stacie to create a new graphic for their new show segment. Even interviews from the most famous and well-known wedding professionals - Colin Cowie, Mindy Weiss, etc! There are so many wonderful audiocasts on this one website all geared towards helping a bride with all her planning decisions!
Stacie and I met the afternoon before her interview/audiocast taping with Ralph Mucci and she started telling him about my meeting with her and how she was so impressed with my clay flowers. So Ralph told Stacie that he would look into it and he thought maybe there might be a fit for my clay flowers on their website. Not thinking that they would contact me, low and behold, I got a call from Ralph this morning asking me if I would be interested as he and his PR department thought it would be perfect material for an audiocast... So..... In a few weeks, you'll be able to hear me on one of their special features section in the Wedding Planning section of their website! I'm so honored and grateful to Stacie for even telling Ralph about my stuff Every opportunity that presents itself to me is like Christmas Day or like winning the lottery to me!

If you've never seen this website, you need to check it out. Stacie's interview was great and the funny thing is that she is exactly the way she is on the interview in person. I felt like I was sitting in my meeting with her talking to her one on one when listening to the interview.

You can also read about what The Flirty Guide has to say about DK Designs Clay Flowers and my husband's sandwich making skills! LOL...

I hope in future posts to not only give my readers an understanding of what I do (which I do regularly) but highlight more wedding resources for brides that I happen to stumble upon. Who would have ever thought that the wedding industry would become so big and tech savvy! But hey, for the wedding professionals out there, this is definitely a big thing. I wish these things existed or I knew about them when I got married. :)

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