Friday, July 18, 2008

DK Designs Gardenia Hair Flower on!
So I was perusing the search engines for what comes up on "dkdesignshawaii" and I was delightfully surprised to see a new website that talks about It was none other than! It was the gardenia hair flower from Mae & Jeremy's wedding. Thank you to Stewart Pinsky Photography for letting me use this photo! As some of you know, I decided to make gardenia hair flowers to sell specifically for the bride. They are a little more pricey than the hair picks you find out there, but you're definitely paying for great quality craftmanship! I also have designed the hair flowers with their needs in mind. I'm anxiously waiting for my supply of U shape hair pins that are made in Japan to arrive from a supplier in NY on Tuesday so I can make more!
Tomorrow I will come out with a larger version that I think will do really well as I know some brides want a slightly larger flower for their hair! Just a side note. I first posted the gardenia hair flowers to sell on 7/14/08. Since then which mind you is only since Monday, I got over 730 views for this gardenia hair flower! Normally that's what I get after one of my products being on my Etsy storefront after a month or even 2 months depending on how popular the item is! THAT'S HUGE!!!

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