Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Red Ginger Wedding Invitations
The last issue of For the Bride magazine featured some of my wedding invitations. One of them had a red ginger on it. Ironically enough, this picture is one I took of a red ginger flower in my very own backyard in Hawaii because I couldn't find a nice image of red ginger that I could use for my invitation. I haven't gotten a request for this particular image in quite some time, but one of my clients found my invitations in the Winter 2008 issue of the magazine and asked me to create her 340 wedding invitations using this particular design but utilizing browns and greens. The color combination is absolutely stunning!
I'm in the home stretch of finishing this order. Anything above 100 invitations is a lot of work when there are multiple components. Thank goodness I now have help with the assembly part of the process! Here are a few snapshots of the invitation.

New and Improved DK Designs Business Cards!
I also spent some time redesigning my business cards with my California address and updating it with my new designs. I really wanted to feature more pictures of my flowers so potential clients ca
n get a sense for what I do! I really like the way they came out. They arrive tomorrow, I'm so EXCITED! :) Of course, I had to tout that I was featured on the Martha Stewart Show! How could I not! :)

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