Monday, June 2, 2008

Magnolias, Magnolias...
This weekend I took a break and spent time with family and friends. Of course, I had to work a little bit, but not nearly as much as I have been. I finally took the time to see my best friend and her kids for her oldest daughter's 9th birthday. My son had a blast in the jump house! He didn't want to get out... No shock there! Sunday we went to the Union Street Festival and checked out Meditrina Designs! Of course I walked away with a couple of beautiful designs. Jennifer created this "Create Your Own" jewelry section that was much more affordable. Beautiful chains and beautiful precious stone and crystal pendants to choose from to create your own unique look! I'll have to take pictures of the fabulous necklaces I bought and share them with you!

We saw all of my husband's good friends from the city! It was nice to see old and familiar faces, the places we hung out at when we were dating. It was literally our first visit to San Francisco in 3 years! It was good to be back.

But now it's back to work.... Today I finished my "Magnolia Bride" Kristy's order! Here is a snapshot of her favors before the personalized tags went on. I was going to do the picture with the tag, but figured I'll wait until the photographer sends me her pics! I also thought the magnolias would look good in a little vase arrangement so I created one for my storefront.

I even got my new CLAYCRAFT by DECO molds and tools in today so I'm going to go and play around with them tonight and hopefully post a few more cool arrangements on my site! Sleep??? What's that??

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