Monday, June 9, 2008

Family Time
My husband had today off from work and although Aidan came down with a slight cold (too much fun in the sun on a slightly windy day at his cousin's birthday party), we decided just to hang out in the front yard and blow bubbles. We had a plan to take him to Lake Vasona Park, but because he is sicke we felt it better to just take it easy, plus it's a blazing 91 degrees outside.

So these are a few of my favorite pictures of Aidan. He's grown so much in the last few months. For some reason today he was especially cute and sweet! If only he was like that every day! ha ha.... I've been trying to make more time for Aidan and my husband of late and not pushing myself 24/7. I figure if I don't push myself to take a break, I'll just get so used to working all the time that I'll get burned out like I did a month or so ago. So it's that constant struggle to find balance between work and family life.
The funny thing is that when I sat down to watch TV with him and Michael, he told me to go and sit in my chair in the office and do work.... Kids are so smart... Sometimes too smart! He never ceases to amaze me.

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