Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bride #2 Order Complete!
The last week and a half I've been busy making flowers for one of my brides in Canada. I believe Karen found me via She saw my wedding flowers that I did and wanted to model it after those flowers. Her colors were shades of pink, black, silver, white and hints of lime green. After much thought, these are the items we came up with for her wedding. If only I could go back and redo my wedding flowers! :) Oh well, it was signficant of the time and where I was in my flower making skills. Thank GAWD I'm so much better now. LOL!

We ended up doing, 3 bridesmaids bouquets with green cymbidiums, fuschia pink rose buds, tuberose buds and light pink gerberas. Karen wanted tropical, but she was having an outdoor kind of country wedding so she wanted something more in the way of a mixture of the 2. I tihnk it came out really well. We tied the bridesmaids bouquets with black ribbon and accented with a light pink ribbon.
Karen's bouquet and toss bouquet were off white cymbidium orchids with pink roses and tuberose buds. It reminds me of my bouquet.... only her's came out 100 times better. We wrapped her stems with pink ribbon and accented with black. The toss bouquet is a miniature version of her bridal bouquet.

We also did corsages and boutonnieres and these are some images of those. Now, I head onto my 3 other wedding orders that need to get done by next week!

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