Friday, June 27, 2008

Alex & Judy - 15 Year Anniversary Celebration
Today, Dianna Shitanishi of Hawaii Weddings & Events sent me some images from Alex & Judy's 15 year wedding anniversary celebration & vow renewal. Dianna is a wonderful coordinator on the island of Oahu but also does events and weddings on the outer islands. From time to time, Dianna calls upon me to create items for her wedding couples. I'm always so grateful for the wedding coordinators I have worked with throughout the last few years and their referrals and business! These photos are courtesy of Dave Miyamoto Photography.

This couple loved the orange orchid design I did for a previous client and they also liked the white tiare flowers for the favor boxes. So I was asked to create the favors for the guests as well as the wedding program fans. It's always nice to see what I've done at the actual event versus just pictures I take before I send them on their way!

I've been busy catching up on orders the last 2 days. I'm almost done with one of my Canadian bride's order which I hope to post some pictures of her flowers tomorrow. After that order is completed, I have 3 more weddings to tackle between tomorrow and 7/4! I'm back to staying up until 2 a.m. again..... Although I think I might have to try and get good night's rest tonight so I'm ready to go for the next week! :)

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