Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spending Time with Deco Clay Craft Academy Instructors
Today, I had an opportunity to have dinner with my fellow instructors of the Deco Clay Craft Academy. It was a great time catching up with everyone and learning about what everyone is doing. The last time we all got together was the Macy's Show in November. There are some really great things on the horizon for those who take the member courses.
We have a new instructor who just got certified and she will be teaching in Atlanta, Georgia late this year (we're hoping in November). So all you Eastern seaboard crafters who are interested in classes and can't travel to CA or Hawaii, here's your chance to learn from someone closer to you!
In between all the clay classes and my work, I'm getting a little time to relax and enjoy. Aidan, my son had a blast with one of the other instructor's son. At least he had someone to play with so he wasn't bored hearing about clay flowers!

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Chiaki Mills said...

Hi Diane! Just thought I'd let you know you're the talk of the town on weddingbee.