Thursday, May 15, 2008

Miss Pineapple of Adds a New Dimension to the Popularity of Clay Flower Bouquets for Weddings!
In early May, Miss Pineapple, a blog writer for, contacted me after she found my creations on She asked me if I would be interested in creating her wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. She's got a fun, eclectic and stylish wedding planned. The cool thing is that she doesn't necessarily want the same flowers for each bridesmaid or groomsmen so it can be fun and flirty, or as she said, "variety is the spice of life!" Her colors are ivories, bronze, copper, light mauvish purple, etc. Really muted tones, but really elegant and vintage!
On May 6, 2008, after I agreed to take her wedding, she shared with the readers about DK Designs and clay flower bouquets! She was smart, she made sure she booked me before posting about me so as to secure my time before other brides came knocking on my door. After her post, I seriously got about 15 serious inquiries into clay flower bouquets, hair flowers and more! I think that day my page views on the website shot up to 1800! Emily has been great to work with. Her wedding is in October and she has decided not to use fresh flowers for her wedding decor.

The article she wrote can be found at:
Thank you Miss Pineapple for the added exposure! I'm excited to work on her flowers for her wedding!

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