Friday, February 8, 2008

Completing the Look and Feel - Wedding Details

I love when clients are able to spend a little extra money on the wedding details that really complete the overall "look and feel" of a wedding. This client actually found me after she had already sent out her invitations. The sweet thing is she said, if she had found me sooner she would have asked me to do her invitations! Her initial idea was to have everything with the Tahitian Ginger flower - Tiare. However, they thought about it some more and decided on green cymbidiums (my FAVORITE flower) and to tie in the burgandy and peach/orange tones from the mouth of the flower. I never really thought about using the colors from that, but as you can see it TOTALLY works! We're going to do the same for the place cards so it looks cohesive.

So if you have the budget, why not spend a little extra money on the table cards to really make your wedding reception look STYLISH! :)

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