Thursday, January 29, 2015

Custom Orchid Arrangement

My client and past bride, Joyce asked me to create an arrangement that she could put on her altar with a gold statue of the Bhudda. Joyce always challenges me with her requests because she usually picks flowers I haven't yet done before. She wanted dendrobium orchids, cattleya orchids, miltoniopsis and bulbophyllum aruicomum, which are the national flower of Burma. 
After Joyce showed her mother the arrangement, she said that I didn't get the bulbophyllum orchids right. The tough part is when you have to depend on the internet and you can't find a detailed image of the flower you want to replicate. Nonetheless, Joyce is very happy with the arrangement and is excited to put it next to her Bhudda statue.
She said she would try to get me a replica of the flower so that one day I can create the orchids correctly!

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