Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love Fresh Peonies.... A Gift on My Front Doorstep Today!

Today, I had to take my son to get his annual check-up so that his paperwork is in order for school in the fall. When we returned home there was a bouquet of gorgeous pink peonies lying on the front doorstep. I didn't know who they were from, so I texted my friend who I know shops a lot at Trader Joe's and asked if she had brought them by. She said that she was out shopping and thought of me. She knows how much I love peonies and TJ's has them every year at a fraction of the price.I hope to take more pictures later, but here are a couple that I liked most from the 40 that I took. LOL. Fresh flowers always provide great inspiration on how to get my clay flowers looking more realistic. This gift of fresh peonies was perfect timing since I had to work on some custom peony hair flowers for another bride this evening.

Thank you Ashlee for gifting me with these beautiful peony blooms!

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Tracey said...

Diane, Are you sure that top photo is a real peony? It looks very VERY similar to what YOU can do with clay - I am not quite convinced! :)