Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Real Wedding Sneak Peek Slideshow - Jessica & Mark

I am so excited. Today I received a link to one of my recent bride's wedding photos! (Click on the image to view the slide show). Her photographer is Rebecca Davidson Photography! Jessica asked me to make her a light coral pink and white bouquet and her bridesmaids a deeper coral cluster of 3 peonies.

The wedding is so beautiful and the images capture every detail and so many beautiful emotions! I hope to share more of the actual images with you very soon!

Thank you Jessica and Mark for asking me to create the floral elements for your special day! My first Grand Cayman wedding!


you remember it said...

Diane, how beautiful and lovely it was. I love everything and your bouquets and everything for this wedding are perfect, can't imagine it without your work. Amazing! I hope you will have more videos like this with your work. The Best ever)

DK Designs said...

Thank you Dasha & Tanya! I was so happy to see these photos. I don't often get to see my bride's images, but this was one of the best this year! :)