Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Arrangements for Hawaiian Lei Company

My first set of arrangements that I shipped to Hawaiian Lei Company back in November have been well received. The company already told me that for a shop known only for leis, they sold 6 of my arrangements in 3 weeks which they felt was very good.
They placed another order and they really love the teapots as those have all sold out. So I made a bunch of them that are almost ready to ship. I'm working on a couple more that are almost done (the trio of anemones in the pink mini glass vase with acrylic water).
I'm really enjoying working with the Hawaiian Lei Company again. They have some really wonderful leis and have a really nice retail shop in downtown Honolulu. So if you live on Oahu and need a lei for someone special or want to check out what clay arrangements they have, definitely visit them! If you don't live on the islands but want beautiful leis to surprise your loved one on their special day. visit

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Melanie said...

I love the arrangements in white teapots! What a great idea for centerpieces for a tea party!