Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Photos from the Internet Shows...

(IMAGE - courtesy of Allure West Studios)
Natalie Napolean Wi of Allure West Studios just posted on her blog a few of the photos she took of the two Internet shows we taped a couple of weekends ago. Sorry the photos are so small, but you can visit Natalie's blog at www.allurewest.com/blog for larger images. :)

What a day, Jodi Murphy did an amazing job recapping what happened that day. It was non-stop from morning until I rushed out of there at 4:20 to get home to my son before my dad had to leave for work. I wasn't nervous for some reason. Those who know me, know that I hate public speaking and I hate being in front of the camera. I was NERVOUS on the Martha Stewart Show so I expected I would be much the same with the craft segment Lea and I worked on together. I prepared my "swap-outs" like I learned from being on the Martha Stewart Show and just figured we'd wing it. Lea McIntosh was really focused on her other video shoot so during our hair and make-up session, she asked the hair dresser what questions she'd like answers for and we wrote up cue cards. Lea trusted that I would lead the show and because it was taped, it was easy to just cut and move to the next set of swap-outs. Believe it or not, we started at 3:20 and ended at 4:20. It went really smooth for the most part other than the little instances of getting tongue twisted in what we were trying to say (note - it was already a long day for Lea with little to no sleep the night before). I had a lot of fun and I just reminded myself that I should just think of Lea as my student, someone I'm teaching. She did a fabulous job I might add! Plus the fact that I really didn't have to look at the camera helped out a lot. James Burkart and his wife of Burkart Video Productions, Amy were so awesome and gave us great guidance the whole time. They do some amazing videography work.

I would do it again in a heartbeat. So much fun and so thrilling to be part of something so cool! It was such a pleasure to work with some really wonderful and amazing professionals. More to come when the videos are launched so stay tuned. I'm sure more photos will be available in the coming days & weeks. The team work involved was truly awe inspiring! Can't wait to do it again.

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