Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bridal Bouquet Order of ivories, blues and purples - Part I

I've been a little stressed out with everything going on this week and all that's due in a matter of a week's time. So I've been working on flowers today (not as much as I had wanted to). The current order I'm trying to finish is a Florida bride who liked a previous bouquet I did for a bride, Megan, but she wanted modifications. Her colors are ivory/white, light blue with hints of purple. She wanted a bridal bouquet, 2 tussie mussie bouquets for her bridal attendants and 2 mother of the bride & groom wrist corsages. Today, I wanted to share the wrist corsages I made for her and her fiance's mom. Champagne ivory roses, light blue hydrangea with hints of purple bud-like fillers and light purple ribbon on a white pearl wristlet.

So spring like... I LOVE IT! Like I said, I'm so ready for spring to arrive! Pictures of the tussie mussie to follow tomorrow!

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