Sunday, January 25, 2009

Plumeria & Cymbidium Orchid Centerpieces Complete!

I have to say, when I get a big order such as this one where I was hired to do cake flowers, 50 favors and 10 centerpieces, when it's all done, there is a huge sigh of relief and a sense of accomplishment. I was expecting not to finish them until tomorrow, but once I get something in my head and I have a deadline, I need to finish it and call it done before I can move onto the next thing. Granted I have 3 weeks until the bride's wedding, but I have so many other orders and samples to work on right behind it that getting this done was a big deal to me.

I've done 40 centerpieces for a client once before a few years ago, but this is the first time I've done centerpieces this large. Granted they are probably 12" high and 6 inches square, but the process is very involved. Making 80 plumerias, 60 fern curls and 50 cymbidiums is no easy task and then letting them dry, painting, attaching wire, preparing the base and then arranging. I think I started this order early last week and between other things going on, I managed to finish in a week's time.

I'm so excited to send this order to Carol and Shaun. Carol and her mom have been a JOY to work with and so appreciative. They have loved all the pictures I've sent them along the way. I think that's the one thing that gets my clients excited, the fact that I share photos of their orders as I complete the items. I think it helps make their wedding day a reality and that the day is fast approaching and they look forward to seeing all these things on their wedding day. Best wishes to Carol & Shaun!
Mahalo for entrusting me to create the elements of your wedding reception in clay! :)

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