Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ivory Peony Cake Flower

A couple of weeks ago, I had an inquiry from an Etsy buyer asking me if I could do a custom peony cake topper. She sent me a gorgeous picture of a Tiffany Blue and ivory multi-tier cake with beautiful piping and asked if I could make her an all ivory peony cake flower to go on the top of the cake. I only had the fuchsia pink and light pink peony cake flowers for sale in the size she wanted.

So.. I agreed. I told her it would probably be a few weeks to a month before I could get to it and granted her wedding is in May, I still decided to get it done a couple of days ago. So I just posted it on my Etsy site to sell and it'll be shippable on Wednesday. Just thought I'd share again what I've been working on.

Actually, I have been working on multiple orders today, lots of hair flowers, cake flowers and I had to finish the cymbidium orchids for the centerpiece order I blogged about yesterday. It's as busy as ever and I still have yet to finish a couple more orders, samples and get ready for the Ralston Hall Bridal Faire! Back to work...

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