Sunday, January 11, 2009

DK Designs - New Clay Flower Creations

I've been busy at work trying to complete some custom, exclusive design work for a wholesale client of mine. Although you'll only be able to purchase these items through the online retailer when they become available, I wanted to just share the new flowers I've been perfecting and trying to design. I did poppies before, but I've spent some time trying to get them just right and I think I'm pretty darn close. I really love this bouquet of spring flowers and it consists of so many of my favorite flowers. It's always hard to give these arrangements away because when I put my heart and soul into it, I wish I could keep it!
The other flowers that have become so popular of late are these blush pink anemones and sweet peas. It's a very monochromatic color scheme between the anemone and the sweet pea flowers, but I think it's a subtly beautiful arrangement and the black really contrasts to the light blush pink hues in the flowers and the vase. Normally when you see this type of wedding bouquet, there are no greens, but because it's a vase arrangement I added some greens to kind of break up the pink, especially since I used a light pink mercury glass vase. This is the first time I made sweet peas and since I couldn't get the actual flower to try and replicate, I had to replicate what I could see in my flower books. Not bad for looking at a flat image. Once I can find it I will definitely be buying a bunch so I can really get it to perfection!
I'll keep you posted when my exclusive designs for my client become available on their online retail shop, but for now, here are images to give you inspiration on what is possible with clay flowers!

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