Sunday, November 30, 2008

Red Anemone Hair Flower

A potential bride/client asked me if I could make her entire bridal party (15-16 bridal party attendants in all) a hair flower each. However, she wanted to see one in person before she made her final decision on placing the order. So, she asked me to make her the red anemone/poppy flower with the black/white center as a hair flower so she could wear it to a holiday party. This is how it turned out.

If Abbey does decide to move forward, she wants a bunch of different flowers, possibly picking each bridesmaid's favorite flower to wear in her hair.


Tinygami said...

Your anemones are truly amazing Diane. I think they may just be my favorite of all the flowers you make. This is really, really beautiful.

Heidz said...

Wow I love it! Makes me even more excited for my bouquet :) I was finally able to send you the deposit today by the way. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!