Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Clay Cake Topper - Photos from Barnaby Draper Studios

As you saw from my previous post, Cindy ordered a cake topper from me for her September 6th wedding in Long Island, NY. She sent me pictures and I decided to google Barnaby Draper Studios. I came upon a fabulous website. Barnaby Draper is pretty famous in the fashion and music industry. He's photographed the likes of Dave Matthews Band, Dianna Ross, and more. His company of wonderful professionals also do videography and have been seen on Good Morning America and Throwdown with Bobby Flay! How cool is that..

It's my first experience with working with a NYC photographer and I was really apprehensive about asking if they would allow me to use their images for my website. I decided to go ahead and email them anyway and I got a wonderful email from Nicole in their Santa Barbara, CA office and she said, "yes, we'll send the images you want out tomorrow!" SWEET! Well, even better than I could have imagined, Nicole emailed me just 10 minutes ago and said that the blog post was up. I thought she was just letting me know BDS has a blog. They just posted pics of Cindy and Adam's wedding (Cindy works for Billboard Magazine which is why I think she knows Barnaby Draper Studios (he shoots for the magazine).

At any rate, they were so kind to mention DK Designs and my custom cake topper. I have to say, I've been so very fortunate and very appreciative of all the wonderful professionals I come in contact with. They are truly amazing and so personable!

If you live in Santa Barbara, CA/Southern California or NYC/Long Island or I'm sure probably anywhere in the world. Barnaby Draper Studios is worth checking out! Exquisite Affairs Productions helped coordinate this beautiful wedding!

Here are some photos from the blog post on BDS' site.. I hope when things slow down a bit, I will have time to finally update my Real Weddings section of my website!
Thanks again Nicole and Barnaby Draper Studios! Hope I get the opportunity to work with you again!

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laurie said...

Thanks so much for shouting Exquisite Affairs out!

Wait... so that cake topper was CLAY!? Beautiful work.