Thursday, July 31, 2008

DK Designs Mentioned on!
Today I started checking where I end up on the search engines. Normally I just look at the Yahoo search engine, but today I started really looking into Google to see where my website/name/products show up. Well, much to my surprise, I came upon a PDF file from As in the MiGi girls!!! So the little Modern Bistro Cup I used was from their storefront. Inexpensive, but very versatile for the flower arrangement I did for Martha's show! So anyway, when I went to purchase more the customer service manager had emailed me to say they were coming in in about a week and if I wanted to wait for the order. I of course said "yes". I had mentioned to her what I use them for because I knew that the MiGi girls are former stylists for Martha Stewart. She said she would definitely pass it along to Michelle and Gia because they worked for Martha and would love to hear news like that. So if you go the's press page, and click on the Martha Stewart Show logo, this is what you'll find!


Debashri said...

Great going Dianne! It really makes me happy to see you do so well. You are an inspiration to me and I am sure, many of us aspiring DECO clay flower artists.
How have you been? Do post little Aidan's pics whenever possible. I enjoy seeing his photos!
(I hope you remember me!)

DK Designs said...

Hi Debbie,

Of course I remember you. :) I see that your shop on Etsy is doing well also! That's great to hear.

Keeping extremely busy from every angle. Lots going on and I'm sure more great things in store for the year ahead.

We'll be going to visit family in New Jersey in a few weeks so I'll be taking lots of pictures then and will share with my blog readers. Plus I have two students coming from Texas and Canada so I will try to take some photos with them as well and post.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying Hawaii... We miss it!