Monday, June 16, 2008

More, More, More...
I built two more arrangements this morning. One of my repeat clients asked if I would create a custom piece for her bedroom. She has peony envy because her peony garden suffered some kind of plant virus so she has no peonies this summer. Her bedroom is all blues and whites but she wanted a punch of color. At first I thought blue, pink and orange???? But I guess when you look at many fresh flower bouquets you get at the market there are tons of different colors put together. So she specifically requested pink peonies and orange ranunculus and to add whatever blue flower I thought might work. I picked the blue hydrangea, but in a very pale blue and with a hint of green in them. I think it works well. She asked me to put it in a mint julep cup so her little one and her pets don't try to play with them. So I found a 4.5 inch cup that worked really well given the size of the flowers. Granted they aren't the actual size of a real peony, but they are beautiful nonetheless!

The second arrangement was a product of me not being happy with the color of Debi's pink roses that Ed gave to her. I will write more about Debi and Ed after I finish her bouquet (hopefully by this weekend). Their story is truly amazing so stay tuned. Anyway, I had pink roses that were too dark, the extra ranunculus and peony flowers I didn't end up using for the client and some of my dendrobium orchids and tuberose buds and flowers that I made extras of..... Well, I decided to build another arrangement. I call it Rainbow Sherbet. No... it's not edible and I'm not making frozen desserts now. The colors all put together make me think of rainbow sherbet - rasberry, orange and lime. Brings back memories as a little girl eating that stuff! Check it out!

Anyway, I better get back to working on flowers again. :)

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