Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Peonies, Sweet Peas and Lilacs

Another project I just finished today was this beautiful custom arrangement for a lovely woman in France. She saw some arrangements I did for Susana of the citrusandorange blog years ago. She asked if I could do a similar arrangement but with slightly different flowers and colors. She wanted various shades of pink. 
Sandrine asked for peonies, lilacs and sweet peas. The arrangement turned out beautifully. Thinking if I have some time, I would like to create some of these to sell in different colors of course. Originally I had done the peonies in the deep pink, but she wanted a bit more contrast so we ended up agreeing to add some yellow into the inner parts of the petals. 
I've included both the original and the final arrangement photos. So thankful that my arrangements travel such distances and that people are still willing to order my flowers to decorate their homes with.
 This arrangement definitely gets you ready for Spring!

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