Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Lilacs for 2013!

Last weekend, I spent the entire weekend working on lilac buds and blossoms. Yes, I had back-to-back orders for lilacs. This time it was for a sugar artist and friend, Jacqueline Butler of Petalsweet Cakes! Ever since I created the lilac bouquet for one of my brides years ago, she has had it on her wish list. She recently moved to a new place and wanted to have an arrangement of them for her office to inspire her and add color! I was completely honored she wanted to have my work in her office!
I hope the next lilac arrangement I make is for myself. :) I can't wait for Spring and Summer. It's been unseasonably cold here and I'm over all the rain we got, so arrangements like these brighten the wintry days!

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