Monday, January 7, 2013

Lilacs to start the New Year!

Happy New Year! My goal this year is to get back into the blogging mode and be more consistent on sharing with you what I'm working on. 2012 was a good year, but filled with many challenges. I'm very excited about 2013 and things are really looking up. Ready to kick it into high gear for my winter brides. 

The first big order for the new year is out the door. Stay tuned as I will have some really exciting news in a couple weeks. It's BIG! :)
Until then, I wanted to share this project I worked on for a dear blogging friend, Susana of citrusandorange blog. She asked me to create lilacs for her. It's been something she's wanted for a long time, ever since I made it for a bride a couple of years ago. Susana is an amazing designer and can put together the most stylish table top designs and decor. She has used my flowers in the past which has gotten me noticed on Design Sponge and Amy Atlas.It's always a delight to see what she does with my flowers and how versatile she makes them.

I think I must have gotten quicker at making lilacs because the first time I made them it took me forever. Susana had a time restriction and because she lives in Portugal there's also a shipping lead time to factor in for a special project she is working on. So, I turned these around in 3 days. Even the leaves and foliage are all out of clay as well!
This arrangement definitely makes the cold wintry days seem brighter and definitely motivates and inspires me to make 2013 the best year yet for DK Designs. I'm looking forward to sharing more projects with you in the near future.

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