Monday, October 8, 2012

Flowers To Brighten Someone's Spirit...

One of my friends asked me a couple of weeks ago if I could help her design a special piece. Her mother-in-law is undergoing medical issues and they wanted to give her something to raise her spirits during this difficult time. She talked it over with her husband and they thought having a clay bouquet would be something that would be a constant reminder of positive energy and thoughts.
My friend said her mother-in-law's favorite color is purple and while her favorite flower is iris, I decided not to do it. I told her I want to spend more time on perfecting the iris flower so she said when I do to let her know. :) She wanted something cheerful and vibrant, so I went with shades of purple, white and green. I chose to make ranunculus, rose, lily of the valley, hyacinth, sweet peas and hydrangeas. 
I hope this arrangement will bring positive energy and lift my friend's mother-in-law's spirit each day and with it she remembers how many people love her and are praying she overcomes her illness!

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